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»We invite you: To four days full of theatre. To encounters between men and machine. To journeys across synthetic worlds and to new friendships.«  

From 13 - 16 March 2024 DIGITHALIA - the Festival for Virtual Theatre Forms Graz at Schauspielhaus Graz is dedicated to works that use the digital space to explore new narratives. Narratives that question and enrich the performing arts.

Since its inception, theatre has always been a place where technical progress was applied and negotiated. Stage machinery and artificial lighting were followed by audio playback and video projections - devices we have long since become accustomed to. It is hard to imagine theatre performances without them, as they are used to design spaces and tell stories in a variety of ways. Now A.I., live streams, computer animations and robots are taking the stage. Just what are they doing?

With DIGITHALIA, for four days Schauspielhaus Graz will become a platform for new, virtual forms of theatre. Offering insights into the possibilities and impossibilities of new technology for the theatre, it showcases what digitality seeks, attempts and achieves on stage.

The first edition of this Festival features regional and international guest performances alongside the Schauspielhaus's own productions. The theatre encounters surreal apps, dancing robots and self-critical artificial intelligences. It offers a stage for stories about the isolation of digital natives and the exploration of future worlds.
A theatre festival for technological sceptics, geeks, nerds and everyone in between these worlds.