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in English language

Once Upon Unsteady Grounds

von gold extra [Salzburg]
Interactive online performance in the digital space in English
75 minutes

Mara Vivas, a professional dancer, has fled Venezuela and left at the end of an international tour with the National Ballet of Caracas. Having left behind memories of childhood poverty and life-threatening experiences, she is now faced with the reality of a migrant seeking work, security and, quite simply, survival in Europe. On the morning of August 2, 2001, Mara arrives in London, but unfortunately she only makes it as far as passport control. There, almost simultaneously, a catastrophe and a miracle occur.
"Once Upon Unsteady Grounds" tells the story of these events, which still reverberate in Mara's life today. The participants in the online performance are invited into the virtual space of Mara Viva's head. As avatars, they wander around in it and become witnesses to her thoughts. With Mara, they experience her story, which takes them to places where people from different parts of the world, including Iran, Ukraine, Mexico, Thailand and the USA, perform live. They give the audience an insight into their experiences on the journey between the borders of states, societies and ideas. The virtual space thus becomes both an archive in which Mara's experiences are inscribed and a meeting space in which the audience and participants come together live.

Worth knowing: Docuscape
Once Upon Unsteady Grounds is a docuscape. A docuscape is an artistic form that "gold extra" is currently researching, a documentary virtual play space in which different content-related and formal aspects of research are networked and brought together in virtual, interactive spatial installations.
Ready for the Show?
For the performance you will need a computer with a stable internet connection, monitor, mouse, headphones and a microphone. A microphone is available in most computers and laptops. A headset is also very practical, just like when making a phone call. After you have reserved a ticket, you will automatically receive an e-mail with further information.
by Reinhold Bidner, Tobias Hammerle, Sonja Prlić, Mara Vivas and Karl Zechenter 
with Nathaniel Eras, Parisa Ghasemi, Derek Holguin, Haydee Jimenez, Sarut Komalittipong, Felix Ludwig, Ashkan Nematian, Ielizaveta Oliinyk, Sasapin Siriwanij
Production: Sophia Reiterer, Julia Buchwieser
Digital development, media art consulting, testing: Georg Hobmeier, Christian Knapp (for Causacreations)
ARGEkultur is a cooperation partner of the production as well as a cooperation partner of the festival.
Tickets are only available online, in advance and not via the ticket centre!